Vegan on Thanksgiving - production blog

Dartanion London is an insanely productive Seattle comedian. I always enjoy working with him. When he asked if I wanted to film his first music video, I jumped on board immediately. This presented an opportunity to shoot with my recently acquired Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

We shot "It's hard to be a Vegan on Thanksgiving" last Sunday. Production was a challenge. We could have used more time, space, and people on set. It was severely short notice. The location was small, and crowded with lights. Several actors canceled last-minute. I even had to step in front of the camera and grow a mustache to play "Uncle Jimmy." But whatever. Every production has challenges. Working with limitations and problem solving makes the work more fun. 

Dart did all of the post-production. I would have loved to help with editing and color grading the footage. Unfortunately, our schedules didn't line up to collaborate, and it needed a quick turnaround to go live before Thanksgiving.

Overall, the video turned out well, and it seems like a nice addition to Dart's YouTube channelI had a great time working with this team. Hope you enjoy the video!