My Tech Wish for 2019: Transparency

This week I’m heading to CES, the trade show featuring latest gadgets and gizmos galore. The expo will be chock-full of the latest in VR, AR, gaming, drones, and voice-assisted toilets.

While I look forward to seeing what CES has to offer, my technology wish for 2019 isn’t a piece of shiny new hardware. My hope for 2019 is that our leading technology companies communicate their practices and policies with more transparency. 

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Mixing realities: Production journal from the HaptX Gloves DK trailer

Outside of experiencing HaptX Gloves first-hand, we’ve found that video is the best medium to communicate how they feel, what they enable, and why they’re special.

We didn’t expect producing this video would be such a fascinating undertaking. In this blog, we’ll take you behind the scenes of how we overcame unfamiliar software challenges, smashed UFOs in our office, demoed to celebrities, and edited together 62 seconds of footage that we’re proud of.

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Behind the scenes of a rebrand

I thought that April 5th would be a typical Wednesday morning, but then I opened my email. My heart sank as I read the subject line: “FW: Taser changes name to Axon…”

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Setting goals that build habits

The best resolutions change our habits. Habits are the things we do by default without even thinking. They’re the patterns that shape our lives. Habits take time and repetition to form. If you develop a good habit by tackling a New Year’s resolution, you’ll be better off in the years ahead.

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