Stocked General // Product Photos + Art Direction

The team behind Mustard and Co. launched an online marketplace for other independent food labels called Stocked General Store. I shot their products in a consistent manner to ensure consistency. I have a new appreciation for the level of OCD required to conduct a proper product photoshoot.

Russell Investments // Building A Photo Studio

When I joined Russell Investments, I learned the company sent new associates to an external photo studio to get their portraits taken and retouched. Executives and sales reps would go to these photo studios once every few years. As a company with more than 2,000 associates, this cost a lot of money: $80,000 a year in addition to executive travel time.

For a few thousand dollars, I set up a professional photo studio in Russell’s headquarters. This saved Russell a significant chunk of change, and saved people time. I wound up taking and editing headshots for over 600 of my colleagues.

This taught me a great deal about photography, lighting, and working with people to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. For two years, I was Russell's go-to photographer, snapping and retouching photos for brochures, PR, events, and marketing collateral.

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