HaptX // Smarter Every Day

I worked with Smarter Every Day (SED) creator Destin Sandlin to coordinate a visit to HaptX's San Luis Obispo engineering lab. SED has a base of 5.6M subscribers, many of whom are engineers.  This was an opportunity to drive recruiting and build awareness among a tech savvy audience.

The opportunity came with considerable risk: Destin is a vocal skeptic of virtual reality. He'd be doing an on-camera demo of our VR glove prototype, so there was a possibility he'd trash our technology in front of his 5.5M subscribers. However, we believed our glove would turn Destin into a VR believer. Turns our we were right.

The video skyrocketed to the front page of r/videos and to the front page of YouTube. It wound up being the #7 trending video for the day. Some outlets even covered the video, highlighting that the HaptX Glove turned Destin into a VR believer. Right now the video is hovering at 2.4M views.


Destin liked the video so much, he did something unprecedented for his channel: he released a follow-up video about our company. 

His follow up video featured another one of our demos, and interviews with members of our engineering team. It received over 600K views. 

Russell Investments // Market Week in Review

The Content Marketing Awards recognize the best content marketing projects, agencies and marketers in the industry each year. The 2018 Content Marketing Awards include all aspects of content marketing, from strategy to distribution, from design to editorial. The Content Marketing Awards program is the leading international awards program for corporate content creation and distribution.

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My work with Russell Investments received Best News Series or Program for 2015. The series: Market Week in Review, a weekly update that I produced and published every Friday. It recaps the week's events and looks ahead at market news. Past CMI winners include Ikea, REI, and Zillow.

UWTV // Double Shot TV Series

When I was 19 years old, I managed the new video department at The Daily of the University of Washington. I hired a staff of eight students, and we produced web videos five days a week. We partnered with UWTV to turn this content into a weekly 30-minute news magazine show called Double Shot. This was the first student-produced content to air on the network.

I managed a staff of 15 student journalists, some of them twice my age, to meet our weekly deadlines. I produced 18 episodes of Double Shot in its first season in 2010. It would go on to run for another six years.

I won a Seattle Addy Award for the three 30-second TV-spots I produced for this series. I went on to write, produce, and anchor segments (1, 2) for UWTV's flagship program, UW360. I produced videos for orientation, commencement, and other promotional materials for the UW. While it can be cringe-inducing to see my college years captured in glorious 480i resolution, this experience taught me valuable lessons in leadership, project management, public speaking, and storytelling.

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