HaptX // Launch: Website + Video

We produced a video as a central component to launching the HaptX brand. The goal: show the potential of our technology, and the key use cases and differentiators of our product. We worked with Cinesaurus, the team behind viral videos for clients including Deloitte and SpaceX.

When we rebranded from AxonVR to HaptX, we created a full new website. We created wireframes, images, and messaging in-house, and worked with Rotator creative on the development, functionality, animations, and graphic design. We designed the video to work as a looping reel on the haptx.com home page.


In addition to overseeing the content and UX design of our website, I took a hands-on approach to our art direction. Because HaptX is where the real world and virtual world collide, I developed an aesthetic of 3D objects in real-world environments. I created most of our images myself with a combination of the Unity game engine and Adobe Photoshop. The images below are featured on haptx.com, animating along with key selling points as the user scrolls.