HaptX // Rebrand: Logo and visual identity

I used the rebrand as an excuse to work alongside creatives that I admire. Rotator, who did our logo and website, is a tremendously talented design and branding team in Tacoma. Not only do they create stellar work for their clients, they craft and spread art that builds their community.


The logo is a central element in HaptX’s visual communications. Through consistent and repetitive use, we hope the logo will be a shorthand which identifies our brand. Our logo is simple, recognizable, and distinctive.

The logo contains two pieces: the mark and the name.

The mark resembles an H and an X, with four points that allude to the four dominant modalities of haptic feedback. The name is h-a- p-t-x in lowercase, maximizing legibility and simplicity. The strokes are of one width, evoking qualities of unity and technical precision. The angular typeface contrasts with the rounded, organic shape of the mark. The hidden arrow in the negative space of the “t” and “x” points forward, indicating that we are a forward-looking company.


The category-defining haptic company.

This is how Rotator describes the design thinking: The full spectrum of touch includes tactile, force, vibration and thermal. These are the differentiating factors that HaptX brings to the VR industry that sets them apart from other companies. Most companies focus on the virtual world with a visual only solution or maybe one or two of the four elements. This is where Rotator started diving into each one of these categories to find how the HaptX technology handled them. From discovery to the final brand, we needed to capture this essence and provide a solution that the company could build on as well as fit nicely into the industry they wanted to help define.

Futurism and humanism.

HaptX technology is pretty intense so it would be easy to push this in a direction that most sci-fi movies tend to go. We needed to keep the human factor alive and strong so we made sure to also focus on what we called “The Organic Future”. This meant that our end result needed to feel like a living breathing entity but also encompass a modular feel that could lend to the strength of what the core of the company focus was.