HaptX // Smarter Every Day

I worked with Smarter Every Day (SED) creator Destin Sandlin to coordinate a visit to HaptX's San Luis Obispo engineering lab. SED has a base of 5.6M subscribers, many of whom are engineers.  This was an opportunity to drive recruiting and build awareness among a tech savvy audience.

The opportunity came with considerable risk: Destin is a vocal skeptic of virtual reality. He'd be doing an on-camera demo of our VR glove prototype, so there was a possibility he'd trash our technology in front of his 5.5M subscribers. However, we believed our glove would turn Destin into a VR believer. Turns our we were right.

The video skyrocketed to the front page of r/videos and to the front page of YouTube. It wound up being the #7 trending video for the day. Some outlets even covered the video, highlighting that the HaptX Glove turned Destin into a VR believer. Right now the video is hovering at 2.4M views.


Destin liked the video so much, he did something unprecedented for his channel: he released a follow-up video about our company. 

His follow up video featured another one of our demos, and interviews with members of our engineering team. It received over 600K views.