HaptX // Wall Street Journal Profile

The Wall Street Journal is the pinnacle of business reporting in the United States. When we visited New York City for the Future of Storytelling Summit last fall, I met with WSJ technology reporter Sarah Needleman to share our story and give a demo of our technology. This meeting led to a terrific piece in the WSJ's quarterly magazine, The Future of Everything.

This article was a long-term bet. I originally connected with Sarah two years earlier, when she replied to a tweet about our company (then known as AxonVR). She described our tech as, "so Ready Player One!"


It's fitting that Sarah waited to share our story until a few days after the film's release. That way she could attach it to a broader narrative about the real life technology that's making Ready Play One a reality. We received similar coverage from VarietyForbes, and IDTechEx.

This shows how closely intertwined social media, public relations, events, and mass media narratives work together in marketing.