Mustard and Co // The Five Flavor Gift Set

When I joined Mustard and Co. to launch their online presence, they only sold their product in a 7oz. jar that cost $7 each. The goal:

  • Create a higher margin product

  • Introduce new flavors to customers

  • Leave them wanting to buy more

  • Make it easy to gift

The solution: The Five Flavor Gift Set.

The Five Flavor Gift Set contains one of each flavor, in 2oz mini jars. The customers could purchase the set for $20. They designed the  7oz jars were designed as a pantry ingredient consumed by an individual customer. I designed the 2oz variety packs to be a party/holiday gift that could be consumed by a group. This way many people could try it their flavors, turning mustard into a social activity.

We used packing tubes to ship the jars safely, so we embraced this as the design of the package. It makes for a distinctive looking gift.

This went on to be Mustard and Co's highest grossing product of the holiday season. While envisioned as a limited time only item, they continue to have it on their online store. Although Mustard and Co. has more than five different flavor SKUs, the company retains the Five Flavor Gift Set as a flagship product.