Mustard and Co // Influencer Marketing Campaign

I led an influencer marketing campaign to tap into new audiences and spread the word about Mustard and Co. I researched leading foodies, chefs, and lifestyle bloggers, targeting those with audiences in the low hundreds of thousands. The kinds with reach and impact, but with a higher likelihood of actually responding to us. I mailed packages and sent personalized messages to each of them. This was a time-consuming effort, but it paid huge dividends.

Tiffani Amber Thiessen, the actress best known for Saved By The Bell, was among those I contacted. She listed us at the top of her holiday buyers guide for 2015.


Food bloggers wrote recipes that called for Mustard and Co mustard. We cross-posted them to our blog and recipes page, and amplified these posts on our instagram. Below: Pictures from food bloggers' recipes.