Tactile Telerobot // Wired Announcement

Telling the story of a haptic telerobot

HaptX collaborated with ANA, SynTouch, and Shadow Robot Company to develop the world’s first haptic telerobot hand to deliver touch feedback across the Atlantic. I led the media strategy among the four companies involved, which led to a prominent piece from Wired.

You can watch the video included in their article:

Wired featured my photo of the HaptX Glove DK prominently in their story and across social media.


Here are more behind the scenes photos featuring robotics reporter Matt Simon and Editor-In-Chief Nicholas Thompson. We had HaptX Gloves set up in Wired’s office (San Francisco), which controlled the robotic hands at Shadow’s office (London). The user viewed the hand’s motion via computer monitor, and could feel what the robotic hand touched via the HaptX Glove.