UWTV // Double Shot TV Series

When I was 19 years old, I managed the new video department at The Daily of the University of Washington. I hired a staff of eight students, and we produced web videos five days a week. We partnered with UWTV to turn this content into a weekly 30-minute news magazine show called Double Shot. This was the first student-produced content to air on the network.

I managed a staff of 15 student journalists, some of them twice my age, to meet our weekly deadlines. I produced 18 episodes of Double Shot in its first season in 2010. It would go on to run for another six years.

I won a Seattle Addy Award for the three 30-second TV-spots I produced for this series. I went on to write, produce, and anchor segments (1, 2) for UWTV's flagship program, UW360. I produced videos for orientation, commencement, and other promotional materials for the UW. While it can be cringe-inducing to see my college years captured in glorious 480i resolution, this experience taught me valuable lessons in leadership, project management, public speaking, and storytelling.