HaptX // Tactile Telerobot Launch

The Tactile Telerobot is the world’s first haptic telerobotic system that transmits realistic touch feedback to an operator located anywhere in the world. HaptX Gloves let you control robotic hands and let you feel what the robots touch.

HaptX developed The Tactile Telerobot in collaboration with Shadow Robot Company, SynTouch, and All Nippon Airways / ANA Avatar.

I oversaw the marketing component of our announcement in Wired, our launch at Amazon re:MARS, our public relations, our video content, our social media promotion, and our website: haptx.com/robotics.

Our presence at Amazon re:MARS attracted significant press coverage.

This publicity drove a massive spike in our own social media follower counts, content engagement, and website visits. Our launch at re:MARS successfully put The Tactile Telerobot on the map.

We shared our demo with Jeff Bezos, Adam Savage, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, and Shaquille O’Neal (who shared it on his Instagram).

We capped off the event with an hour long presentation and a live on-stage demo of the Tactile Telerobot.


The Tactile Telerobot videos I published to my personal LinkedIn account each received over 10,000 views and high levels of engagement.


Our Tactile Telerobot launch attracted inquiries from the world’s largest technology companies, government agencies, and research institutions.