MIT // Hacking XR Speaker Series

In May of 2019, I visited Dr. Sandra Rodriguez at MIT Open Doc Lab to give two lectures on touch, the landscape of haptic feedback technologies, and HaptX’s approach to simulating touch in virtual reality. I was invited as part of the 2019 Hacking XR Speaker Series, which also included speakers from Facebook/Oculus, Johns Hopkins, and filmmaking legend Douglas Trumbull.

Speaking in front of audiences, microphones, and video cameras is an area in which I’m actively trying to improve. Here are a few other recent speaking engagements.

The New Storytellers: Panel on Full-Body Immersion

Curated by Phi and New York's Future of StoryTelling (FoST), The New Storytellers conference is gathering creative leaders to explore how storytelling is evolving in the digital age. I joined this panel to discuss HaptX and immersion beyond your eyes and ears.

SolidWorks World Expo: HaptX Partner Spotlight

I served as the HaptX company spokesperson for this demo + interview that was live-streamed on SOLIDWORKS social media channels.

I joined my HaptX colleague, Joe Michaels, on The Lawyer Who Rocks podcast. Listen here: